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Glee Season 1 Episode 12: Mattress

gleeOf course Sue Sylvester causes more trouble for the glee club right off the bat in this week’s episode. She convinces Principal Figgins to leave the glee club out of the yearbook so there would be more room for ads.

Enraged, Mr. Schue decides to buy a quarter page ad in the yearbook but then only two glee clubers will fit in the photo. This worked for the club though because they knew, historically, the glee club ended up with their faces scribbled out of most copies anyway.

Predictably, Rachel wants nothing more than to be one of the “co-captains” selected for the picture. When no one else steps up, Shue puts her in charge of finding a co-captain and she picks Finn. But when picture day came, Finn was a no show after being teased by his fellow football players. Rachel takes the picture anyway and is able to snag a job for the club while she’s at it- a mattress commercial. The kids perform a knock out performance of Van Halen’s “Jump” in the commercial and as a thank you the mattress store sent them several free mattresses.

Here’s where things get good. While looking for his pocket square, Will comes across Terri’s fake pregnancy belly and (rightfully) blows up. He ends up leaving and spending the night at school, on one of those free mattresses.

Sue makes the case that since the glee club accepted the mattresses as “payment” they are no longer amateurs meaning they are disqualified from sectionals. The group could have returned them, only Shue used one, oops. Realizing it was his fault, not theirs, Mr. Schue agrees to not take part in sectionals so they can still perform. We won’t have to wait long to see how they fair.  It all comes together in next week’s fall finale.

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