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Glee Season 2 Episode 5: The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Though some hardcore fans of the cult horror musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show were disappointed by Glee’s tribute to the movie, for me it was a delight to see a modern take on one of my favorite movies.

As the episode begins, the glee club is tasked with performing Rocky Horror after Shue, who still likes Emma, finds out she, and her new boyfriend Carl, are big fans of the film. In the end though, its all for naught because Will ultimately decides not to perform the show for the school, for many reasons- it was too raunchy, Sue actually talked some sense for once, and, most importantly, it didn’t help him win Emma back (though they did perform a steamy version of “Touch Me” together).

The episode’s cameos were definitely one of the highlights of the show, Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf (who played Brad and Eddie in the movie respectively) made an appearance as Sue’s station managers who convince her to do an expose on the school and their “edited” version of Rocky Horror. Guest star John Stamos was also great as Emma’s boyfriend/Eddie, hope we see much more of him!

Even though Shue decided to cancel the show, he still encouraged New Directions to perform the show for themselves. Of course, their big number was also the most memorable song from the movie, “The Time Warp”. Each member of the glee club was perfectly cast, well except for Mercedes, its hard to for a song about a “Sweet Transvestite” to be convincing when its being sung by a woman.

Over all, the episode didn’t have any great revelations, but it was a fun romp back to the ’70s.

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