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Glee Season One: Episode 19: Dream On

Tuesday’s night episode of Glee was directed by Joss Whedon which may explain why it seems Glee got its awesomeness back all of a sudden.

In the episode, Mr. Schuester’s old high school rival Bryan Ryan (Neil Patrick Harris) resurfaces as the newest member of the school board and joins the ranks of people trying to take out the glee club. Turns out, Will and Bryan hated each other, but in the end neither one became the success they thought they would be.

Bitter Bryan meets with the New Directions kids and asks them to take out a piece of paper and write their dreams on it, then tosses them in the garbage.

Will realizes that Bryan’s real problem is that he longs to be in the spotlight again. The two belt out a few lines from Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” in a bar and seem to bury the hatchet. But, when the two vocally dueled while trying out for a local production of “Les Miserables,” all bets were off on their reconciliation, especially after Will got the part.

Bryan, in turn, threatens to not only cut the glee club’s funding, but the Cheerios too. Will sacrifices his role in the play to ensure that didn’t happen, while Sue had her own way special way of negotiating with him to keep her Cheerios.

Meanwhile, Artie, told by doctors that he would never walk again, still dreamed of being a dancer but his dreams were dashed after Bryan’s speech.Tina urged him to keep trying, giving him hope again, and prompting him to go into an awesome dream sequence of Men Without Hats’ hit “Safety Dance.”

While we all know how much Rachel dreams of the being on Broadway, we found out after much prodding from her on-again boyfriend Jesse that what she really yearns for, is to find out who her birth mother is. Turns out, that’s the very reason Jesse has been planted there in the first place because Vocal Adrenaline’s coach Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) is really Rachel’s mom! But, she cannot contact her until she is an adult, so instead, she promised Jesse another title, if he gave Rachel a tape of her singing.

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