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Glee Season One Episode 20: Theatricality

Glee couldn’t resist a nod to their fellow cultural phenomenon, “Twilight” and “Lady Gaga” this week. It wasn’t all fun and games though, there were some serious and heartwarming moments too, including Kurt’s and Finn’s storyline which opened a dialogue on the show about tolerance and acceptance.

As the show opened, Tina was reprimanded by Principal Figgins for her Goth look. He told her that a strict dress code would lead to less vampirism. As Tina is forced to find a new look, Mr. Schuester assigns Lady Gaga tunes for the week.

The ladies (and Kurt) take advantage of the assignment and create costumes based on some of Gaga’s most famous looks. Their performance of “Bad Romance” was one of the best of the season too. And, most importantly, in the end, Tina found a way to keep her goth look she convinced Figgins that her father was a vampire and that Asian vamps are the cruelest of them all.

The boys (under Finn’s rule) weren’t down with Gaga and instead rocked out to another set of theatrical performers, KISS. In full KISS regalia, the guys took on the over-the-top “Shout It Out Loud,” and later covered “Beth”, which Puck suggested as a name for his and Quin’s daughters.

Meantime, Rachel realizes that Vocal Adrenaline’s coach, Shelby (Idina Menzel), is her mother after she hears her singing Barbara Streisand’s “Funny Girl.” But, Shelby isn’t sure she can be the mother Rachel needs.The two ultimately decide to go their separate ways, but not before singins a duet of “Poker Face”.

But, the most powerful plot was between Kurt and Finn went through. When Finn found out he’d be moving in to Kurt’s bedroom (after his mom decides to shack up with Kurt’s dad) he freaks. He admits he was aware Kurt had a crush on him and so were the jocks who had been tormenting both of them.

Finn goes ballistic on Kurt after he redecorates their room but, he was interrupted by Kurt’s dad who lectured him on the use of the word “faggy” and then kicked him out for using the word around his son. In the end, Finn decided to defend his friend and stood up to the guys who were picking on Kurt.

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