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Glee Season One Episode Four: The Rhodes Not Taken

gleeKristin Chenoweth, fresh off an Emmy win for “Pushing Daisies”, guest starred in last night’s episode of “Glee” and ended up stealing the show. Kristin plays April Rhodes, an ex-crush of Will’s who still needs several credits to graduate from high school. Will, who recently learned about a glee club loop hole, offers April the opportunity to join the glee club and finish school.

At first, the glee kids aren’t very accepting of April because she was taking away a little too much of the attention from the rest of them. But, they were quick to warm up to her after she shared with them a bit of her worldliness in regards to the things they are most interested in, alcohol, sex and stealing. Will, who is still smitten with April, knows about her indiscretions with the kids but lets it go.

Emma, who has taken it upon herself to look out for Finn, convinces him he needs to get Rachel back into the glee club to ensure he gets some positive attention from potential colleges. Just when Rachel comes back and we think all is right with the glee clue again, she learns Quinn is pregnant and Finn is the dad and quits again.(This is the one plot line that might get old, quick!)

In her first performance, April shows up drunk but still manages to bring it and help the glee club rock the house. After the show, Will’s conscience gets the best of him and he tells April she is done, leaving room for Rachel to return. Rachel realizes her place is in the club and returns, hopefully for the last time, and all does finally end well. Now, if they can only find an excuse to bring April back…

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