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Glee Season Two Episode Three: Grilled Cheesus

Last week’s episode of Glee took on some heavy topics last week-death, religion, faith, and love- but they did it all with grace and humor.

In the beginning of the episode, Finn discovers a burn mark on his grilled cheese that resembles Jesus and, after dubbing it “Grilled Cheesus”, he suddenly becomes quite religious. He even begins praying to his “Cheesus” for trivial things – like winning the football game- and all that he prays for comes to fruition. But, when Finn’s prayer to become football captain comes only after Sam dislocates his shoulder, he begins to feel guilty and realizes the events occurred likely by coincidence, not because of his grilled cheese sandwich.

As Finn was praying for football, Kurt was suddenly faced with the possibility of losing his dad to a heart attack. But, unlike Finn, Kurt remains skeptical about religion and refuses to let anyone pray for his father. After an invitation to church from Mercedes that he couldn’t resist, he begins to come around on the prayer thing. Best of all, at the end of the episode, his father, who was unconscious in the hospital, gives Kurt a squeeze on his hand.

Sue becomes Kurt’s ally and begin crusading to keep religion out of the classroom too. In this case, Sue actually had good reason, she wore her heart on her sleeve as she explained that her prayers that her mentally challenged sister get better fell on deaf ears. But, after talking to her sister about it, she realized that “God never makes mistakes.”

In the end, some found God, some questioned their faith, but they were all a little better off for it.

Here’s a round up of the best songs from the ep:

“I Look To You”: Mercedes belted out this Whitney Houston ballad for her friend, Kurt.

“Papa, Can You Hear Me?”: Rachel uses the Barbara Streisand song as a plea to God.

“I Want To Hold Your Hand”: Kurt’s stirring rendition of The Beatles’ classic took on a whole new meaning to the song as he dedicates it to his father.

“Losing My Religion”: Cory Monteith belts out the R.E.M. classic with gusto as his character grapples with hsi own religion.

“One Of Us”: The final group sing-a-long to Joan Osborne’s ’90s hit that asks “What if God was one of us?” was the perfect end to the show.

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