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Glee Season Two Episode Two: Britney/Brittany

Last night, as promised, Glee turned out to be a Britney Spears extravaganza. The episode starts with Mr. Schuester trying to convince the glee club to perform a little ’80s style easy listening but, of course, they weren’t interested.

Then, things only get worse for Shue, when he meets Emma’s new sexy dentist boyfriend Carl (played by John Stamos).

As the members of New Directions go under anesthesia in Carl’s office, they have visions of Brit who helps them find their way. First up is Brittany who has a  startling amount of cavities and one of the best  performances so far on the show.  While singing  “I’m A Slave 4 U,” Brittany reinacts some of Ms. Spears’ best moves and even has an unconscious duet with her BFF Santana on the Britney/Madonna hit “Me Against The Music”.

Later, Arnie, who is determined to get on the football team, performs his own rendition of the Brit hit  “Stronger.” The song must have done some magic as Coach Beiste  lets Artie join the football team and lets Finn come back too!

After Rachel makes a visit to Carl’s office, she has her own Britney transformation,  into the famous “Hit Me Baby One More Time” school girl. Her new look and Finn becoming “cool” again causes some strife in their relationship, but nothing that couldn’t be repaired by Rachel’s rendition of Paramore’s “The Only Exception”, the only non-Britney tune of the episode.

What did you think? Was it Britney Spears overload or another great episode?

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